Countdown / Woolworths

At Countdown (now Woolworths) I led a team of developers tasked with bringing Online Shopping into the myCountdown mobile app.

At the time some parts of the online shopping experience were old fashioned .NET MVC postbacks while the main search and browse had been migrated into a SPA that wasn’t a SPA. So we decided the most effective way of getting online shopping into the app would be to migrate everything into the SPA and embed the SPA into the app. The Countdown Online Shop is huge and the effort required to migrate to a SPA was not small, but by solving this way not only did we bring the shopping experience into the app but we also improved the shopping experience massively for web users (both mobile and desktop).

With the advent of a new SPA for Online Shopping the team then integrated Recipes into this progressive app.

And with Recipes now in the app we gave customers the ability to add all the ingredients to their online shopping cart, offering alternatives for regionally specific products and recognising staples that most customers will already have.

Following this success the team went on to implement SSO for Countdown – a key enabler for things like everyday rewards and closer integration in the Countdown app along with sibling sites like Bunch. Single Sign On was another huge project but delivered successfully and providing real advantages for customers where previously a large number of onecard customers struggled to retrieve their card info and redeem their rewards when shopping.

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